Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Yet Another Wise Shopping Decision

First, let me begin with the "trashy trading cards". A couple of years ago I started making these cards. About 50 cards later, I realized I was possessed (much more serious than being obsessed) so I made myself put them away. Some of them (the ones that are not too trashy for an innocent blog) may pop up here from time to time.
The real reason for this post is a wise shopping decision I recently made. These headpins have an enamel coating and love the oven. They come in a large variety of colors as well so I decided to try an assortment. I've found a few uses for them so far but I'm sure there's even more to discover. I had some great silver bails that I wanted to use with pendants but the long tube that goes across the top was hollow and I didn't like the looks of the empty holes on either end. So, I cut off the headpins and glued them in place for a more finished look. Here are two other pendants where I used different headpin colors that were compatible with my clay colors. If you enlarge the photo, you can see an olive green set on one and a pale blue set on the other. I've also made a few pieces using the headpins as a design element.
Spending money - I do it so well!
No new posts till next week. I'm off to Raleigh, NC for a teaching gig.
Edited to add: Okay, I couldn't resist. But the one about the color of your soul is really the last one!


Polka Dot Creations said...

I don't know if you know this, but I just followed the link, and FMG has suspended the sale of them. Seems they may contain lead. Oops!

Jeanne said...

Hey Kim! Love the blog and the links to different things! I'd love to see the whole set of ATC's, I'll bet they are a scream! Hope your week in Raliegh rocks!

Kim Cavender said...

Like I said, Lisa, "yet another wise shopping decision!" How funny! I LOVE blogging!

Kim Cavender said...

Thanks Jeanne! They are definitely a scream. I'll try to find a way to fit in as many as I can.

Jeanne Rhea said...

Love the ATC! I don't have your email address so decided to comment here.

It was great meeting you and the class was wonderful. I just might get into a little caning now. I know participants really had a good time. I noticed how you don't let anyone get too hung up if they make a mistake and push them right through to the finish--sometimes that is so hard to do. It helps a lot when one goes home to do the technique on her own. You really make that saying something about "Every mistake is an opportunity." ring so true.

Could you email me at so I can send you a personal email with some information on the inking stuff?

illaya said...

I seriously doubt that the level of lead in these pins are anything to be alarmed about. That East coast salmon or crab you had last had more.

I want to ask mostly an inappropriate question. The Pendants and accompanying olive/blue bracelet on your Flicker account are to die for. Is that a version of a watercolor torn paper technique. Or did you use a type of Mokume Gane torn into bits and applied to a white base bead?

My curiosity is getting the best of me here. I ladore your work and am always inspired by your colorways.

Kim Cavender said...

Illaya, It's definitely a layering technique but isn't based on mokume or Maggie's torn paper technique. I think when I apply my pieces to a white background, it is reminescent of watercolor though. Sorry I can't say more but it wouldn't be fair to everyone who's already signed up to take the class.