Friday, October 26, 2007

Help, there's an octopus on my head!

Just joking! I'm sea creature-free but Natalie may be in trouble. She's one of the talented ladies from PCAGOE and she looks lovely even with an octopus on her head. I've seen lots of cool masks from this group lately. Could it be that they have a mask challenge going on? I love this tree branch mask from Michelle who seems to have a fondness for birds and trees. It's great that she's taken these related themes and used them throughout most of her work.
This beautiful mask from Julie looks very fresh and Spring-like. I love how the subtle antiquing brings out all the details she's added. And while we're on the subject of masks, Sarajane Helm is looking for images of polymer clay masks for an upcoming book. You can get all the details here.


Sarajane Helm said...

these are all fantastic! Please, please artists--submit the full resolution pics for the mask book!
Sarajane Helm

Marcia P. said...

The masks are wonderful. I always enjoy the work of all of the guild members. Thanks for your post.

michelegabrielstudios said...
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michelegabrielstudios said...

Kim, I'm thrilled to be included! Thank you for mentioning
the Polymer Clay Artists Group
of Etsy (PCAGOE) It's much easier
to have an entry in the monthly challenge than it is to choose a favorite!

Raven's Clay said...

What terrific masks! (I have a thing for octopuses... octopusi?) Brava to all!

I've really been enjoying your blog, Kim. Keep it coming! ;)

jana said...

Okay, I HOPE the third time is a charm here....been trying to post a comment without any luck!

I just wanted to tell you congrats on the new blog, Kim. You do a beautiful job at's a pleasure to visit and see what you have to say!!

And thanks for the link to the 'right/left' quiz. I'm a definite 'right' ( surprise to my husband who shivers when he looks at my check book register or the inside of my cupboards!!)

again, go!!