Monday, October 29, 2007

Picture Perfect!

This focal bead from Bianca van den Berg of the Netherlands is just exquisite. And, I can't say enough about her photography skills which make me pea green with envy. I'm not a huge fan of photos that use a lot of cheesy props. I've seen some in books and magazines that caused me to have to really search for the artwork amidst all the clutter. But, this photo is total perfection! Her choice of the starfish was excellent and serves more as a background than a prop. The radiating arms pull your eyes right to this glorious bead which just jumps straight out at you and screams, "You know you want me so get out your credit card and head to Etsy!" What better way to start the week than with perfection?


Polka Dot Creations said...

Oh, wow, "exquisite" is exactly the right word for that.

Kim Cavender said...

Here's what drives me crazy about the whole computer/blogging thing. There is a dangling "y" on this post that was cut off from the word "photography". I'm sure the blog fairy did it to make things "fit". But, I can't seem to fix it with simple editing. Earrings should dangle, consonants shouldn't!

Kathi said...

holy crow that is beautiful. Beyond exquisite if you ask me.

Michel said...

Wow! What a honour to be posted in your blog! It's my first time, hihihi!
Thank you lady's for the sweet comments, and thank you Kim for writing such a lovely post.