Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Red Pendant

Red pendant
Originally uploaded by pcbysusan
Susan Turney gives credit to Donna Kato and Nan Roche for being the inspiration behind some of her newest work. This pendant is just exquisite. The shape, the color, the depth, and the finishing are spot on.

If this doesn't put you in the mood to work with a fall palette, then nothing will.


Susan Turney said...

Hi Kim,
You can't imagine how thrilled I am to have a pic of my pendant on your blog. I've gotten comments from people who've seen it here! Thank you so much! Since you're one of my "clay idols" it's twice as good!!!

Kim Cavender said...

It's been a treat to see how your work has progressed over the last year Susan. You deserve the recognition!

Linda said...

I've always enjoyed Susan's eye candy...this piece is just stunning. Thanks for posting it, Kim. Great job, Susan!!