Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Where ARE the wild things, anyway?

Las Vegas, of course! I'm heading out to Sin City today, along with almost 100 other wild and crazy polymer clay fanatics to teach at the Clay Carnival workshop. Unfortunately, I won't be able to bring my laptop with me since I have way too many things to haul on the plane. Wah! But, I'll be back in about a week and I'll see you then. Wish me luck on those nickel slot machines!


Kathi said...

oh have a blast! I wish I could of come this eyar, but I will be thinking of y'all from 200 miles away

Kathy Weaver said...

Have Fun!!! Wish I could be there! Instead I will be doing my last show of the year.....give Donna and Sue Kelsey, Cathy J, Marla, and KLEW a big hug for me. You, too!

Melanie said...

Pouting.....yes pouting here have a safe trip and lots of fun Kim. Can't wait to see pictures upon your return!...hope you win lots of nickels too!... :)

Scott said...

Lots of luck on the slots Kim! Have a wonderful time and safe travels.
Next time you are in the Chiacgo area... stop over for a visit and I can set you up in front of my antique cherry slot machine until you are a big winner.

Bettina said...

Oh, I'm in awe. still have Lisa Pavelka's invitation to come to Vegas sometime. I bet you meet her there - give her a hug.
Don't spend too much on these devil-like machines and have fun!!
And bring pics, please

deb said...

Have fun Kim! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. (And see the evidence, I mean pics! :)

Did you go and see the Aussie stripper, I mean dancing troup 'Manpower'? :) They're one of our most famous exports you know. LOL
Slip a fiver in a mankini for me! Hehehehehe...

Cheers mate

Anonymous said...

This is off subject but I'm sure you won't mind. Would you mind giving me the site for the rubber stamps you had at your workshop in Asheville this summer.
Marilyn Davenport