Monday, November 26, 2007

What's in a name?

After reading a funny comment left by my talented friend Christie of Dragonfly Lane last week (actually, there were two comments and you can read them here), I decided to share a double top secret with everyone who reads this blog. I have an evil twin named Kim Cavendar. As you can see, she really exists. You can Google her for yourself if you don't believe me. She's very sneaky and does her best to confuse people by spelling her last name a little differently than mine. Here she is, in a rather unflattering photo, at my book signing last year during CHA for North Light books. She looks a little like me but, she spells her name with an "ar" at the end, instead of an 'er".

If you've ever confused the two of us yourself, it's not a big deal. You're in good company. Polymer Cafe has made the mistake several times (love you, Joan!) and even my own publisher, North Light, has fallen victim to her spell, as you can see.
Her lesser known doppelganger, Kim Cavenaugh, has also done her best to wreak havoc. She's taken credit for a clock I made for Carol Duvall, which was shown on HGTV's tour of Carol's studio, and, she appeared with Carol on a live segment of Shop at Home TV. She's shown up for CHA proudly wearing her very own name badge, as well.

And then, there's Kim Clavender, aka Kim Clavicle or Miss Clav to her friends like Lisa Pavelka. She managed to get her work printed in The Polyinformer a few years ago. Perhaps that was my fault for telling people that "Cavender" was spelled like "lavender", only with a "C" in the front.

So, how do you remember how to spell my name? Actually, you really don't have to worry about it since I answer to just about anything now. But, if you're interested, here's my latest idea. Kim Cavendar is "ar, matey", like a mean and nasty pirate. Kim Cavender is "er, um . . ." , like someone who doesn't know what else to say, and that would be me.


deb said...

Oh Kim, you've got to watch those dopplegangers...they try and trip you up at every turn. Maybe they should be called Topplegangers :)

That Kim Clavicle sounds like a nasty piece of work. She could do with a quick karate chop to the ol' collar bone if you ask me. hehe..

Fear not, if i see any of these ghastly impersonators about I shall inform you immediately (or take care of them myself, a quick squirt of diluent to the eyeball should do the trick. Failing that, a very annoying beating with my six inch poly roller should send them running for the hills!)

Excellent blog by the way, i shall enjoy visiting often and soaking up your expertise...AND having a good ol' giggle at your witty commentary. Top stuff!

Debsx from 'downunder' :)

Kim Cavender said...

And I'm still waiting on YOUR blog, Deb! A funny Australian blog - nothing could be better!

"Topplegangers" is my new favorite word. Thanks so much for your comment!

Raven's Clay said...

lol! You are one funny lady, my dear Ms. Clavenhaugh. ;P I was blessed with an easy last name, but have seen some wild ways of spelling my first. The only one that I actually like (besides the real one) is Melody. ;)

I enjoy your posts very much... keep 'em coming!

deb said...

LOL. Thanks Kim. I would love to start a blog but know nothing about how to go about it! Plus i'd probably fill it with laconic and slightly rooooooood Australian humour... mischevious mind is ticking over now... lol

Plus, i haven't even been claying for year yet so would feel like an imposter 'what the hell does this aussie sheila know about clay!' :)

I guess it could be a blog about what NOT to do with poly clay..i'm an expert on that! (with the pics to prove it :) ehehehe

something to think about though ;)
Thanks again mate!

DivaLea said...

Then it's no surprise to you have many manglings, er, variations can be coaxed from my first name, "Lea."

I gotta say that some of those Topplegangers (ha! Deb!) really wandered pretty far afield spelling-wise.

Tammy said...'re a total pistachio! Don't feel daughter Scarlet has an impersonator problem. She's been plagued with gals named Scarlett and Charlotte for years...she just can't seem to shake 'em. I told her to just 'befriend' them and maybe they'll eventually go away!!! And for me, most people want to make me a 'Gardner' as if I have a green thumb or something! Oh well!

Kim Cavender said...

I think Miss Scarlett has a lovely name. I'm okay with being a nut, as long as I'm a lovely shade of green.

Kim Cavender said...

I almost forgot about "Kim Cadaver". Judy B. called today and scolded me for not including her.

Barb aka rubarb said...

I remember when you told me "it's spelled the same way as *lavender*...well, I had been spelling it like *lavendar* for years, so that's my excuse...I be a bad speeler... ;o)

Have a great time in Vegas...I can't make it this time...wah!!!

Kim Cavender said...

But Barb, you is a good arteest!
We'll sure miss you in Vegas!!!!

Marcia P. said...

Okay Kim, why am I really confused now. I'll never get it right again. Too many options! lol

Kim Cavender said...

Marcia, I think I'll just go by my initials from now on. Just call me "KC"!

deb said...

Careful Kim, some numpty might turn this into KFC.

'Kim Cavender, she's finger lickin good!' LOL


steph from maine said...

kim you made me laugh outloud this morning.....again!!!! thanks for the good start to my day! steph

Enkhe said...

How nasty they are!
Fantastic blog and comments!


Oh yeh, and my real name is Ponsawan Silapiruti, do you think I never have any problem with people who can't spell my name right, or refuse to even try to say it. LOL. May be if you leave part of the last name off, like mine; Ponsawan Sila, it will help.