Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hamsa Mania!

The Israeli polymer clay community is growing by leaps and bounds and the talent in that country is just astounding. I showed you Ronit's lovely work yesterday and she's just one of the many Israeli artists I've met online since I began posting photos on Flickr. I'm fascinated by the cultural influences that artists incorporate into their work and I love how those influences show up in the work of the clayers from Israel. They have an incredible sense of color and design and an ability to successfully combine lots of different patterns into a single piece of artwork

I've fallen in love with the incredible hamsas they make, which are considered to be signs of protection that ward off evil and can lead to good fortune and personal well-being. I have this wonderful lime green hamsa by Tania Damache-Podoleanu hanging beside the door of my studio and it's kept me safe for the last year or so. It's even more incredible in person!

What I enjoy so much about these symbols is that each one is so unique. Not just the embellishments or the designs used to decorate them but the actual shapes as well. Sagit designed this "octopus" hamsa which I love. What a wonderful use of color! Her work can also be found on Etsy.

There are so many amazing hamsas being shown by these wonderful ladies that I can't resist sharing just a couple more with you. This one by Angela is another favorite. A lot of her work looks like crewel embroidery and it's different than anything I've seen before. Very fresh and once again, a fabulous sense of color and design.
And I had to include this beauty from Eti Raz . I love the different layers and textures she's incorporated in her design and the big blue eye meant to warn off evil.

I hope to travel to Israel one day and meet all of the talented polymer clay artists who live there but, until then, I'm available for a hamsa swap any time you're ready, ladies. I don't think there's any such thing as too many hamsas. So drop me a line, okay?


Marla said...

The artists I've seen from Israel are amazing! The bright colors are really distinctive. They make me happy!

There are two hamsas from Israel at my house right now, from the swap Varda did. I'd love to do another one!

Barbara Forbes-Lyons said...

Varda hosted a hamsa swap last year, maybe it's time for another one? I participated and it was so much fun, that I had my friend pick up some hamsa cookie cutters for me on her last trip to Israel.

The pics of last year's swap are on the PCC site if anyone wants to check them out.

Kim Cavender said...

More beautiful hamsas! I definitely have hamsa fever right now and the only cure is a swap.

Kathi said...

I am all up for a hamsa swap. I have one from Israel and one from Marie Segal....plus the ones I have made. Count me in if you are going to do this Kim!

Sigaliot Designs said...

Thank you so much for bogging me.
I'm honored :-)

Ruth Tarragano said...

Great post!!

Count me to the HAMSA swap sa well!..

Tania Podoleanu said...

Thank you so much Kim for your kind words on our works. I love too our little, but so very skilled community, either as artists and as good and supporting friends. In the last day you and your gorgeous works were a hot subject on our local pc forum. I like the idea of an international hamsas swap, count me in.

Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg said...

Hi Kimmy...
Count me in on the hamsa swap as well! I just returned from an amazing 17 days in Israel and I was lucky enough to meet 110 of these wonderful gals as well as receive several hamsas from them as gifts. It was the trip of a lifetime...I do so hope you get to go as well!
Lynne Ann