Monday, November 19, 2007

The Magic of Pattern

Our eyes love a pattern! There are countless ways to achieve pleasing patterns in polymer clay through canework and surface design techniques. Mokume gane, traditionally a technique used in Japanese metalworking, is one of the most effective ways to achieve an interesting pattern in polymer clay. I've seen a lot of very controlled patterns recently using a variation of mokume gane, achieved by impressing a stack of multi-colored clay and slicing off thin layers from the top to reveal the design. This is a wonderful variation on the more organic mokume patterns that I've always been so fond of.

Rebecca Geoffrey of Ontario, Canada is doing some beautiful work with her version of this technique. She uses simple designs in her jewelry and lets the wonderful patterns that she creates take center stage. Her pendants are a great example of crisp, clean finishing and a nice use of color. You can find her work for sale on Etsy.


jana said...

Wow, Kim...that IS controlled MG, isn't it? I'm so impressed....I'd have sworn I was looking at canework! Thanks for the interesting spotlight on this talented artist (her matte finish is beautiful, too!)


Rebecca said...

Thank-you so much Kim. I am so honoured!

Kim Cavender said...

You are quite welcome Rebecca and Jana, I thought the same thing at first. It's got to be an acquired skill to make impressions and slices so perfectly even. Truly beautiful work!