Friday, November 16, 2007

A Multi-Talented Mixed-Media Artist

Eva Buchala, from San Antonio, Texas is a talented mixed-media artist with an interest in bookbinding, doll making, and jewelry. She works mainly with polymer clay but keeps her options open - there are other materials out there!
Eva's interest in researching ancient cultures and history is apparent in the work she creates. This Mixtec snake ring is a wonderful example of how she's translated her passion for ancient Mexico to her artwork.

This faux leather pendant scroll is an unusual piece that really appeals to me. You can see several views of this on her Flickr site and get an idea for how it was constructed. I love that she managed to combine her passion for bookbinding with a wearable piece of art.
Sally Ann Burbank, the bubblegum girl, is one of the fun characters she's brought to life in her art dolls. Eva's work is available on Etsy.
Have a wonderful and productive weekend!


Lady Artisan said...

Wow! Thanks so much for spotlighting me! Definitely means a lot to me coming from such a talented polymer clay artist~


Cre8 said...

Wow having known Eva and her work I am truly amazed to come here and she her highlighted on your blog. I feel this is truly a great accomplishment for Eva although her work in polymer clay and with altered books has always spoken for itself in my world. Delighted to see you found her as wonderfully talented as I do.

Andrea "Cre8"

Winona said...

Eva, is truly an inspiration to us all and always finds time to help any and all with any question or problem. It is truly a pleasure to know this fellow Texan.