Monday, June 23, 2008

When Pigs Fly

Today is a sad day for millions of George Carlin fans. The comic genius passed away yesterday evening at the age of 71. I adored his off-color, irreverent humor and although I know it was too explicit for some people, I loved the fact that he poked fun at the truth in ways that I sometimes found shocking and pretty twisted. I went to see him perform many years ago and got to hear his "incomplete list of impolite words". I still laugh when I think about him rattling those off. If you've never heard this part of his routine and think you can handle it, click here. I recommend not having children in the room while you're listening to this. It's full of "bad words" so don't watch it if you have delicate sensibilities about that sort of thing.

I guess I have a bit of the twisted thing going on too, especially late at night when I'm surrounded by funny people like Marla Frankenberg. The above photo is our version of a flying pig, aka Heavenly Ham, that we made after a weekend workshop that Marla did here in WV. I keep it hanging in my studio as a reminder that sometimes life is so absurd all you can do is laugh.

Toni Ransfield from New Zealand has a much more elegant take on the flying pig theme. This one is made around a real chicken egg.

We're all familiar with the whole idea of the phrase "when pigs fly" as a comment on an absurd notion but maybe it's become a bit trite and overused. Perhaps, "when pigs dive" may be a more up-to-date choice in today's world.

May your day be filled with much laughter and minuscule amounts of absurdity.


Lindly said...

NPR and Terri Gross had a wonderful look back at George Carlin's magic and impact this afternoon...if you missed it, I am certain it will re-air.

In the meantime... I am considering all of "My stuff" one of his great over the top rants!

Caren said...

George Carlin was one of my faves, too. I saw him perform many years ago. One thing he said that I always remember (regarding politics) was "Don't blame me, I didn't vote for any of them!"

Garnie said...

Heard that NBC is going to do a special Sat.NightLive this week..had forgotten that George Carlin was the host of the very first SNL. Hope they "do him proud"...

Raven's Clay said...

I'm old enough to remember both the 7 words and The Conductor in Thomas the Tank Engine. ;) He was a brilliant comedian.

Your post's pig theme, Kim, was a good laugh to take the edge off Carlin's death. Thank for the chuckle.

- Melanie

Yo said...

Kim, we met at the Clay Carnival at Mamouth Cave several years ago. "george carlin nails it" is my current favorite clip which I've posted to my facebook page.
Synchronistically, I also made a version of 'When Pigs Fly' this spring. see it also on my facebook page under recent work photos.

Anonymous said...
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