Monday, June 2, 2008

Decoupaged Polymer Clay

Julia, aka White Guppy, is a Spanish artist who's come up with a way to decoupage onto polymer clay. Her beautifully patterned pillow beads first caught my eye on Ebay. Although she sells these beads herself, she's been generous enough to share her method for creating them on her blog and like so many of the talented European clayers, she's also included an English version of her tutorial.

I think her method would translate wonderfully to tube beads, as well. Or perhaps, this half-moon hollow bead design by Michele "Luny" would be a nice way to show off some interesting patterns.

I like the fact that both of these ladies have taken the time to experiment and come up with something unique in their approach to bead design. Hope you find the time to try something different yourself this week!


Christie said...

Dadgummit, Kim, you beat me to the blogging punch. Which is not hard to do since I'm the procrastinator extraordinare. :)
I saw Julia on flickr a few days ago and thought she was wonderful for including an English version of that tute. That is ALWAYS greatly appreciated by this lazy American.
I'm glad you blogged her. It's a groovy technique! I wonder about some PC/decoupaged drawer pulls to coordinate w/decoupaged furniture pieces? I've never decoupaged ANYTHING before...but you can never go wrong w/matchy-match accessories!

P.S. Your Imagine Uncommon Things piece is great!

Kim Cavender said...

Hey Christie,
Those drawer pulls would look lovely in a baby's room, wouldn't they? Hope you're feeling okay. It's got to be getting close to D-day so I should drop in on your blog and see how far away you are from getting to hold that new little angel.

Maniguette said...

Too much work for me, but the results are really amazing!

White Hot Magik said...

I had wondered how those were made I saw them on ebay too. Thanks for the links and inspiration.

Julia said...
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Scott said...

Hi Kim,
A stormy day here in Chicago, gives me a chance to take a day off from the garden and get caught up on reading all my favorite blogs.
I used to modge podge my beads years ago, before I was comfortable with cane work. They sell little packs of assorted, patterned tissue papers, etc. at the craft stores.
Modge podge comes in matte and gloss finish. In my experience, gloss loses it's shine on wearable items after some use.
Decoupaging with tshirt transfers is something most of us have done and you can come up with endless pattern possibilities. Works really well for those straight lines that are hard to achieve with a cane.
Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Hola Kim ;o)
thank you so much for adding me to your blog. I really appreciate it.
Greets from Spain

Kim Cavender said...

Hi Scott, good to "see" you! I'm sure you're growing amazing dahlias again this summer. Best of luck at all your shows!

Kim Cavender said...

Julia, you are very welcome. Thanks for sharing your lovely work with all of us!

Scott said...

I forgot to mention... Julia's beads are Beautiful!