Friday, June 13, 2008

All Over the Map

Thanks to the magic that is Flickr, I've traveled the world this week looking at some wonderful artwork from talented individuals that I may never have otherwise had the opportunity to experience.

Enno de Kroon is an artist from The Netherlands who paints on egg cartons and has totally blown me away with his whole concept of two-and-a-half dimensional art. When viewed at an angle, his paintings provide a totally different perspective than the frontal view that's shown here. This is how he describes his choice of canvas and the viewer's experience:

"As a painter I consider egg cartons as two-and-a-half dimensional objects which offer me remarkable possibilities for imagery. The waves of the egg cartons limit the viewer's perception; they also make him aware of his positioning towards the image. The intentional limitation in subjective perception gives room for imagination and recall: the process of occlusion. By a fusion of direct and indirect perception conventional imagery is overtaken. At first sight this leads to a physical and mental incompleteness, that forces an integration which can only take place within the inner experience, apart from time and space."

His Flickr profile is full of fascinating glimpses into the amazing work he calls Eggcubism and the process it entails. You'll be missing out if you don't make a stop here yourself.

A trip to Spain brought me this beautiful necklace by Natalia Garcia. It reminds me of some vintage inlaid mother of pearl beads I have in my stash which I can't bring myself to let go of. I love the look and the feel of this piece, which is also very reminiscent of capiz shell. For those of you who are attending the Euro Clay Carnival in England next month, you'll get to meet Natalia there as she is one of the instructors.

A quick jaunt off to Scotland and I was enjoying the cool fantasy sculptures by Marc and David Green. This one is Tricksy, riddle-maker and master of manipulation.

These artists have provided much-needed relief from what I will always remember as "the summer of the locusts" here in the U.S. The irritating sound they make is bad enough but I happen to have a bad-ass locust eater living in my house that takes every opportunity to chase them down and devour them when he goes into the backyard under the guise of relieving himself.

The poor slow-moving locusts don't stand a chance against the cunning and speed of Baxter, the Wonder Dog. However, they take their revenge a couple of times a day when we're treated to the unmistakable sound of a retching schnauzer who deposits half-eaten locusts in the floor. I'm sure you can guess who has the honor of cleaning that mess up. Flickr is the only thing keeping me sane at this point.


Barbara Forbes-Lyons said...

I think locusts are preferable to half-eaten week old squirrel, any day.

Kim Cavender said...

Oh no! I don't even want to think about that. You win, hands down!

Susan Turney said...

God, I love that pic of Baxter. It's like he heard you call him a bad-ass locust eater and he's showing us he is!!!!! Too cute!
I was just looking at your new pieces in Flickr and thought...Yay for Kim, she's discoverd a whole new path and is having so much fun! They really are just fascinating!

Samsara said...

I have no idea what a locust looks like in real life, never mind a half digested one - I only have to put up with half eaten mice, voles and frogs by Pippin the Mighty Mouse Hunter! *lol* Baxter is so cute by the way!

Kim Cavender said...

Thanks, Susan, I really appreciate your comments. I am having fun with these new pieces and find myself wishing for hours of uninterrupted time so I can make more.

Kim Cavender said...

Samsara, they are quite ugly, scary looking giant flying insects that make a shrill chirping sound. They only appear in this region every 17 years and I'm sure they're quite fascinating to entomologists, as well as schnauzers. Here's link to a photo of one (alive and in one piece) if you're really curious:

Kim Cavender said...

oops, try this one:

Natalia Garcia de Leaniz said...

I wrote a comment and I don't know where it went! :) Just wanted to say thanks for always being so nice with me, Kim. I am really eager to meet you this summer!

Raven's Clay said...

Baxter The Wonder Dog, you go get 'em boy! ;P

I simply love the stuff you post, my dear Kim. I especially love the 2.5 dimensions egg cartons... sweet!

Oh, and in regards to friendly left overs... we get red squirrel tails and mouse heads on our door step, and upchucked rodent innards on our kitchen floor. x.X lol! And then, theres the occasional live bird brought in for rainy day play.

Thanks for the great posts Kim!

Kim Cavender said...

Hi Natalia, it looks like your original comment posted on the entry right below this one. I'm really looking forward to meeting you too!

Kim Cavender said...

What's wrong with our pets, Melanie? Mine have fun toys to play with and treats galore, yet they much prefer chewing on small, live, defenseless bugs and animals. I'm ashamed I didn't raise them better!