Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Canespinner

If you've never seen the work of Maryland's Keith Brown, you're in for a major treat. He's recently added some new pieces to his gallery. These "Solomon Knot Pendants" are wonderful. I love his jewelry but, his tins are just as beautiful . It's impossible to pick a favorite!
Hmmm, Synergy is coming up soon and he lives close by . . . maybe we'll get to see his work in person. For those who love precision and geometric canes as much as I do, he has a number of very well written tutorials on his site as well. I think any one of these would be a wonderful addition to an upcoming issue of Polymer Cafe. If any of you know him, be sure you pass this not too subtle hint along.

Thanks for all of your emails regarding yesterday's contest. You still have the rest of the day to submit your guesses and be eligible for the drawing.


Barbara Forbes-Lyons said...

I don't see Keith on the Synergy registration list...maybe someone needs to 'ping' him about this? ;-)

Tammy Garner said...

That little voice in my head (well, one of them) told me to check out Keith's site, and sure'nuff, it was calling me! I'm guessing you would've figured that out when you saw the peace sign cane! Now I know it seems trivial to most, but I've never tried that, & you know my love for I think it's fantasmic! Thanks Slink!!

Kim Cavender said...

I've heard the term "ping" but unless it's anything like "pong", I don't know how to play!

Kim Cavender said...

I was going to send you an email with the link for the "peace" cane so I'm glad you saw it. His colors are great, aren't they? Donna K. made a "peace" cane and gave me a slice when we were in Vegas. I'll bring it to our dinner on Friday. See you soon!

Barbara Forbes-Lyons said... in make him aware of the opportunity. I don't think he's an NPCG member, either. He may not know about the conference.

Kim Cavender said...

Thanks, Barbara! I'm learning new things every day. I wrote a little note to him ( I guess I actually pinged him )and hopefully he'll come check out the blog post. He really does beautiful work.

beadworx said...

I think Keith was a npcg member - maybe he didn't renew - he made the first place in last year's P&P Contest with his incredible bowl (btw - I'm the proud owner of the winning bowl's twin...*g* - I traded it for one of my snakelaces about a year ago).
He sure knows about Synergy, I asked him to come, but he said he wouldn't be there - too bad. Maybe I get the chance to meet him during the conference.

Deb Groom said...

These are really jaw dropping. I so admire people who can do such precise caning. Mine wobble about so.
Also, in the name of great blogs have you popped over to lately?
That is Gera's blog and her latest entry (as well most everything she does) is wonderful and a colour festival.
Claying the night away, Deb Groom

Canespinner said...

Thanks for blogging me!!

Anonymous said...

Even after seeing Keith Brown's work for years,I'm always amazed by his fantastic use of color & insight.His work draws you in & you have to touch it to believe it.Great work!