Friday, January 11, 2008

Spilling over with glee . . .

. . . because so many of you had the right answers to the quiz I posted this past Tuesday! And, those of you who didn't have all the right answers only missed one or two. Excellent! Okay, here are the correct answers in order:

The name that was drawn as the winner of the Klew bead from all the correct entries was . . .
Donna Stein! And since she forgot to send me her mailing address, she better put on her most comfortable shoes and start walking if she wants to collect her bead!

If you have time to spare this weekend, spend some of it perusing through the websites of these talented artists. There's much to see and appreciate and learn from.

I have one more thing to end the week with. When I decided to start a blog, I knew immediately what I would call it. "Imagine Uncommon Things" is sort of the mantra that runs through my head and helps to keep me inspired. I recently came across a single sentence in Grant Diffendaffer's wonderful new book, Polymer Clay Beads, that I feel strongly compelled to share with everyone I know. It speaks volumes about inspiration, creativity, and the fearlessness to try new things. And, it says much about him as an artist.

From Grant: "Making something you have never imagined will greatly increase your ability to imagine things you have never made, and then go on to make them."

I could write for the next ten years and not come up with anything better than that.


Tammy said...

Yep, I must agree Kim. That is a very deep, inspiring quote from Grant. I usually feel I'm creating so much from 'within the box'...I guess I need to continue chewing through that box..I want out!! I will post that quote in my studio to remind me...Thanks for that!

tbytrina said...

Well I knew it was a Cynthia T
Love the quote from Grant. I just got his book.