Tuesday, January 8, 2008

How Clay Savvy Are You?

Are you ready to find out? There are so many wonderful artists out there working with polymer clay and if you've been paying attention, you know that many of them have a readily identifiable style. If you consider yourself a serious polymer clay aficionado, then you should have no trouble at all passing this simple test. Below are 10 pictures of some beautiful polymer clay work. All you have to do is send me an email with the names (both first and last) of the artists who created these lovely pieces. Spelling counts, so, if one of them happens to belong to Kim Cavender (which it doesn't, of course!), please don't refer to her as Kim Cadaver. Be sure and list the names in the order in which the pictures appear, as well. I'm not giving you any clues but if you can correctly identify the artists by name, you may win a Klew. Everyone who sends me the correct answers by midnight (Eastern time) on Thursday will be eligible to win a bead from my Klew collection because I firmly believe that sharing is a good thing. Please supply your mailing address with your entry because it's a long walk to West Virginia if you have to pick it up in person. And since I have no employees, EVERYONE is eligible to play one time. The winner of the bead will be chosen from a random drawing of all the correct entries and I'll post the names of the very talented artists shown here on Friday. If no one correctly identifies all of the artwork in these photos, I'll be very sad! Good luck and have fun!


Mel said...

Kim this is a FABULOUS idea! I'm ashamed to say there are two I don't know...and here I thought I knew it all...hahaha.
But what a great way to get everyone involved and familiar with other peoples work...and what a terrific prize! You're such a great ambassador of the claying world.
ps oh gawd, people don't really spell your name Cadaver do they? That's almost as bad as mispelling my surname...although at least it gives me a laugh! (nudge nudge wink wink)

Raven's Clay said...

What a terrific idea, Kim! And what a lark... I can easily identify all but one, and that's the tiny fairy. I recognize the style, but I shy away from the fairy thing so the artist's name isn't burned into my brain. eck.

I'm looking forward to reading Friday's post - just to confirm how uber smart *cough* I am. Lol!

Keep up the great work, Kim! We're lovin' it!

Kim Cavender said...

Hi Mels! Thanks for all your blogging "support". I greatly appreciate you both! And Mel D, I can just imagine how people are misspelling your name. How funny!!!

Tammy Garner said...

Okay....I think I know them all but 2. I'll just hang around to see if I am correct one the rest. Your blog gets better every day...when do you sleep???
Luv ya, mean it!

beadworx said...

ok, I got answers to every single pic - but I'm not sure with the name of the first one. Maybe my guess was right - thank god I own a lot of great PC books;)
Great idea Kim!!!