Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Be a Breast Cancer Warrior!

Only one picture today but it's an important one. Dawn Barker, who lives in Texas (I think) is the creator of this fabulous bra. She used polymer clay, glitter, and mica powders to create discs which she's sewn to an existing bra. Dawn was asked to take part in a local breast cancer fund raising project and this beautiful piece, Warrior Armor, was her contribution. The participants, some are artists, some are breast cancer survivors, were asked to decorate bras which will be on display at various fund-raising events. Dawn's bra is dedicated to her favorite breast cancer survivor, her grandmother. Let this artwork serve as a reminder to all of us that breast cancer does not discriminate - it can affect anyone at anytime! Please remember to do monthly breast self-exams and get a mammogram when it's time. In addition to working with polymer clay, Dawn creates amazing mosaics and also works with silver. You can see more of her lovely work here.

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Anonymous said...

Wow what a stunning creation and so worthy of being highlighted here!