Saturday, February 2, 2008

Jaw-dropping, eye-popping work!

I know I've been MIA recently. When I get in the claying zone, it's hard to get back into the writing zone. Hopefully, you've missed me terribly! I just had to share the work of Thomas Kuebler with you though. He and his immense talent reside in North Carolina. He spent a decade working in the robotics animation industry before deciding to follow his passion for creating these mostly life-size sculptures. His website is a treasure trove. Be sure and read his bio and "the reason" before you click on his gallery, or "results" page, as he likes to call it. He's a fascinating individual!
"Cletus and Shorty Playing Banjo" is probably my favorite. Each of his sculptures starts with a script or story and he includes this information, as well. His "results" page is divided into categories such as witches and wisemen, beggars and freaks, and charismatic characters. Trust me when I tell you to check out all of them - you don't want to miss a thing here!
I love "Madame Orba", who was born with a slight affliction as a result of her mother's unfortunate dalliance with the husband of a gypsy witch.

This sculpture started with an athletic tape incident in the men's locker room which resulted in "Myron Klinefelter's Revenge". His script is as wonderful as the resulting sculpture.

When asked about his process, this is what Kuebler answers: "Most professional artists have learned and/or developed trade secrets and techniques through schooling, labor, hard knocks and lots of personal expense. It is what makes their work their own. Asking an artist exactly how he/she created his/her art is much like walking up to a magician after the show and asking him to expose his illusions."

Applause for an answer that's probably unappreciated by some people! Not everything is meant to be shared and I, for one, am content to gaze upon the amazing art this man has created and enjoy the fact that it simply "is".


Tammy said...

Hey....when did my inlaws pose for these pics is what I wanna know!!! Ha!! I totally agree...his work is absolutely amazing!!!

Kim Cavender said...

Hey Tam, I thought Cletus and Shorty looked a litle familiar!

Debbie said...

You WERE missed! But it's fully understood.

Thanks for finding and sharing this site. And his comment about asking an artist about how he does it being akin to asking a magician how they do it is right on.