Monday, February 2, 2009

Wes' World

If the terms Warrenator, Reducerator, and Kochanator sound like something from another world to you, you may be right. These are all things found in the world of Canada's Wes Warren, polymer clay adventurer, inventor, and cane-maker extraordinaire.
He's made some recent posts on his blog explaining some of the work involved in building extremely precise canes that weigh in at more than 7 pounds. And, believe it or not, bungee cords ARE involved!
A recent YouTube video offers a glimpse into his reduction methods. Prepare to be amazed! For more incredible photos, check out his Flickr site.


Lisa Gatz said...

Wow...thanks for sharing that link! They are indeed precision.

Wes said...

Thank you, Lisa!

Kim, I just realized how silly I can be. Yeah, JUST!!

I actually avoid posting comments on others' blogs because it really cheeses me off how "some" people post to our blogs just for increased exposure. So here I am, thanking you 2 1/2 months later for the lovely 'coverage' because after all, it's about MEEeeeee!! lol

I swear...I kill me sometimes!