Thursday, February 19, 2009

Painting With Clay

One of the polymer clay artists I'd most like to meet is Mary Lamoray of Florida. Her clay paintings are beautiful beyond words and so rich in color and subtle details that they seem as alive as the subjects they're based on. She uses no paint or inks of any kind in her work. Everything you see is 100% clay. She may not readily admit it, but I think she adds a bit of her heart and soul in each one, too. Her newest painting, the dolphin that you see here, was recently posted on her blog and she talks a bit about how she created it in this post.

Mary has spoken publicly about her life as an artist dealing with an advanced form of MS. I've read some of her essays (which I'm now unable to locate online) in the past and they are every bit as profound and moving as her artwork. I feel such a deep sense of admiration for her and her art that I'm struggling to even find the right words.
If you'd like to read more about Mary's fascinating process, she's written about it here.
Perseverance, optimism, grace, and talent - she's the total package.


Scott said...

Mary is amazing and her paint / sculpts are filled with "her heart and soul" as Kim said.
I have six framed animals that hang on my wall, each one shows the talent and love that went into it. With textures and details that rival nature, from eyelashes and antlers to fur and tusks.
They are among my most treasured possessions.
Great post Kim!

Kim Cavender said...

Dear Scott, thanks so much for leaving a comment and sharing your "personal" story about Mary's work. There's nothing better than surrounding yourself with art that you truly love. I hope to get a piece of hers myself one day!

WonderfulWire said...

Thank you so much Kim for such a wonderful unexpected surprise! You are so kind and your words have so encouraged me :)))

Scott! You are so thoughtful, as always :)))

Kim Cavender said...

Mary, you're very welcome! I look forward to seeing many more of your wonderful paintings!