Wednesday, February 18, 2009


All of last weeks posts about hearts and flowers sent me into sweetness overload. I've found the perfect artist to help me make the transition back to semi-sweetness. Horriblesweet (after a bit of detective work, I think her name is Lydia) is an artist from the Netherlands who specializes in amazing art dolls, like "Naked", shown above, and unusual headgear.

She has a wonderfully soft and beautiful color palette and when it's combined with her edgy-looking sculpts, I can understand where the name Horriblesweet comes from.

This sculpt belongs to a series she's created called "Birdman".

I'm fascinated by the thought of several of her "Heads" lined up on the mantel in my studio. To see more incredible work by Horriblesweet, visit her Flickr site here.



thanks for turning me on to these fabulous dolls...they are horribly wonderful!

Kim Cavender said...

Glad you liked them, Lauren! I think her work is really distinctive and very cool!

David said...

That pink grannie head is way creepy - very nice!

Kim Cavender said...

It reminded me of a granny head too, David! I love to see something totally unexpected like that.