Thursday, August 7, 2008

Playing with Fantasy

"It's my escape from myself, my salvation and despair happiness and boundless longing for the unhappened. It's like expectation as well."

Speaking about her work, this quote is from Olga Roehl, maker of some of the most extraordinary art dolls I've ever seen. It took me a long time to savor all the amazing images found on her site like these masks and the piece below, titled "Blue Windy".

When I see sculptural work like this, I'm in total awe. If you're looking for a head start on weekend web surfing, I highly recommend losing yourself in the beauty and fantasy that Olga creates.


Dee Wilder said...

Wow, Kim, you find the coolest sites!

Raven's Clay said...

Wow, Olga does some amazing work. I can't figure out what she's making her forms out of. It's clear she's painting her pieces... her patterns and colors make me yearn to pick up my paint brushes again... but then I would have to stop caning. (Ack! Never!)

Thanks for yet another inspirational site, Kim. My head is spinning now with all sorts of ideas and images. :)

Kim Cavender said...

She's fantastic, isn't she? I can't even imagine being able to bring something like that to life. I can certainly see it in my mind but I have no idea how to get it from there, to my hands, to the clay. I so admire anyone who can sculpt such amazing things!