Monday, August 11, 2008

A beautiful beginning . . .

. . . to what I hope will be a much better week! This amazing orchid is from Celine (you may know her as Gris Bleu), one of the many talented ladies from France who are doing wonderful and exciting things with polymer clay.

The use of wire in many of her pieces, like this alien poppy, makes for a bold statement. Celine shares snippets of her creative process on her blog and it's definitely worth a visit if you've never checked it out. I adore her work!
It may be several days before I get the chance to make another post. Adam's elusive kidney stones are going to be lasered today and, if all goes well, I should be packed and headed to Louisville by the end of the week for a workshop at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft. Anyone have a lucky rabbit's foot I can borrow?


Mary Kaye said...

Your son has been dealing with stones for TWO WEEKS? That poor guy! I had a stone once - they had to take me to the ER in an ambulance. I can't imagine suffering with that for such a long time. On the plus side, when he's married and his wife is in labor, he'll be able to empathize completely with what she's feeling LOL. Good luck with the laser treatment. Wow, I can't believe he's been suffering for two whole weeks.

Barb aka rubarb said...

Kim, you and I are totally in sync with the art we've been looking at! I was just at Celine's blog and flickr gallery yesterday ready to post about her myself!

I'll be thinking of Adam today and wishing for a speedy recovery. Poor guy, what a rotten way to spend part of his summer!

And then on to Louisville for you, my birthplace 48 yrs ago ;o)


Maniguette said...

Kim, CĂ©line's work deserves to be highlighted. I love it too.
Good luck for your son, enjoy your workshop!

Louise said...

Kim I agree with you Celine has a lot of inventiveness and she plays like a master with color and wire.

I hope your son gets better fast! Beign sick is the pits speially when you are young!

Raven's Clay said...


Your son is still wrestling with Kidney stones?!?! :( I'm sending healing thoughts to him, and lucky thoughts to you.

I've been watching Celine's work - a terrific, innovative artist (I especially like her pod like stuff). I hadn't seen her orchid though... YUM!

isa said...

The work of "gris bleu" is unique !!! very original, I love it !!!!

Kim Cavender said...

Thanks for your comments and well wishes for Adam! He's doing great now. And Mary Kaye, it was actually 21 days from the initial diagnosis until the stone was removed. The 21 days of hell during which he lost 12 pounds and did a lot of suffering and which aged me at least 10 years. May the stone still in his left kidney NEVER, EVER move!

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