Monday, July 7, 2008

Balancing Act

Ah, vertigo . . . U2 recorded a song about it but to TRULY appreciate the video, it's helpful to watch it while you're actually experiencing the phenomenon yourself. Just be sure and hold on tight. Alfred Hitchcock made a movie about it and if you've ever seen it, you know just what kind of trouble it can lead to.

As if the freakishly bizarre dog-walking accident I experienced last month wasn't bad enough (The dogs are fine. I, on the other hand, almost lost a perfectly good finger.), I've spent the last week or so on the merry-go-round that never stops spinning. This isn't my first bout with vertigo so I know there won't be too much accomplished until it runs its course. I'm making lots of sketches and lots of lists but it still sucks that I can't do the things I'd really like to be doing or the things I actually NEED to be doing.

So, if you've been wondering if I've jumped ship and escaped to a tropical island with my personal pool boy Vladimir . . . no such luck. I applaud your creative imagination though and I believe I'll give some serious consideration to adding that to my list of things to do when I've regained some of this missing equilibrium.


Kathi said...

OW on the finger! I hope it is healing fast. And the vertigo....btdt, boy can it sure ruin a good day can't it. I hope it passes fast.

that bracelet is awesome!

Maniguette said...

A wonderful bracelet, Kim! Hope your finger's going better.
See you very soon!

Anonymous said...

Crap! (or should I say craps!) I was so hoping Vladmir was back in the picture.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon, Kim!

We miss your posts.

Too bad about Vladmir. I'll tell him you said "Hello!"

Oh, I wish.

Lenora said...

Get well soon, Kim

Kim Cavender said...

Thanks for all your get well wishes. I'm feeling better and I'm sure the finger will be better soon. It's so much harder to heal when you get past a "certain age"!

Barb Alexander said...

Hello Kim. I *heard* about this wonderful cuff bracelet and it is truly fabulous! Hope you teach it at a class at Carnival....??

Get well soon and keep dreaming of Vlad.... (you're so crazy)