Thursday, July 10, 2008

Talking to the Trees

I'm drowning in a sea of things that need to be done! I may be on the mend but I'm overwhelmed with how far behind I am. It's so bad that I may just have to change my name and start over. I have lots of half-finished blog entries sitting around but I chose this one today because I find the artwork so calming and peaceful.
Tamara of Block Party Press shares several photos of this piece during the creative process and being able to see it in these various stages makes me love it even more. You can't even IMAGINE how wonderful it would look in my studio against the aqua walls. I hear the trees telling me to breathe deeply and begin . . .


Lisa Clarke said...

I think I'm a blockpartypress addict, personally. Those trees all arranged together like that are breathtaking!

And, on another note, now that I know your studio has aqua walls, I am officially jealous. If I had a studio, it would have aqua walls, too :-)

Janice said...

Here's another piece by Tamara that shows how she's always keeping it fresh. She has a style of her own and that girl can do NO wrong (spoken by a woman who can't get her clay to even think about behaving today!)

Raven's Clay said...

I have to agree with you on all acounts, Kim. Especially the unfinished blog entries... but you could just as well add payment of bills, getting back to folks, cleaning... heh. That last one never seems to leave the list.

Thanks for sharing Tamara's work. I'm very drawn to the colors she uses.

I hope your son is on the mend, and that you are finding the peace you so deserve.