Friday, May 2, 2008

A Guitar Hero

This Blue Glass Guitar was created by Bryan Helm, who is a talented musician and artist in addition to being a guitar hero. He also happens to be the husband of Sarajane Helm. The mosaic work that he does with discarded and unrepairable musical instruments is beautiful and I love that he's turning objects that would no doubt be headed to a landfill into amazing pieces of art. The details on this guitar are incredible and in addition to polymer clay, Bryan has used glass, seed beads, and other materials. You can read more about this and see some nice close-ups of this piece here on Sarajane's Aunt Acid site.

Aunt Acid, a marionette, is Sarajane's latest project and her blog is quite a trip. Sarajane's own blog is a little more tame and has some great examples of polymer work by herself and other talented artists. I really enjoy Sarajane's geisha series- such incredibly detailed canes!

This talented couple has got so much going on and lots of new projects in the works. I'm especially looking forward to The Art of Polymer Clay Masks, due out sometime this year. They are truly an example of what it means to live a creative, inspiring, responsible and rewarding life.

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Barb aka rubarb said...

Sarajane and Bryan Helm are indeed a multi-talented couple aren't they?

hey, on a side note, your aol email addy keeps bouncing on me this morning. Check it out: