Friday, April 18, 2008

It's Hip to be Square and other things

My most recent post was about Sharon Solly and her use of Kato liquid clay as a finish for her polymer pieces. Yesterday, Sharon spent some time getting acquainted with the new colored Kato liquid and I just had to share a photo of her results. I love everything about these pieces - the colors, the shape, the dots, the cut-outs, the subtle shading around the edges - fabulous eye candy to end the week!

For some reason, I couldn't find the colored liquid clay on Donna's retail site but, I know it's available in several different colors if you're interested in trying it for yourself. And, here's some exciting news! Donna's long-awaited DVD is finally finished! Tips, Tricks, & Techniques in Polymer Clay is a 2-disc set with 3 1/2 hours of claying goodness and you can order it now through Prairie Craft. Donna also has some beautiful pieces of jewelry for sale here but I'm betting they won't last long.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful, talented, and gorgeous son Daniel who turns 18 years old today!


Aunt Cin said...

Kim, I've been searching Donna's site (and anywhere else I can think of) for the colored liquid clays, too, but no joy.

Are you sure you haven't fooled around with George Harrison? Your gorgeous son, in that hair and that shirt, could be GH himself!


Kim Cavender said...

Hi Cindy,
It appears that the colored liquid clay has not been released yet for sale. Sharon had some samples she used to make her pieces. I thought it was already for sale but hopefully, it will show up in the next few weeks on Donna's Prairie Craft site.

Unfortunately, I only knew George through his music but that's really a nice compliment and Daniel got a big kick out of it since both of us are huge Beatles fans. He has a giant poster of their Abbey Road album cover hanging over his bed, as a matter of fact. That photo was taken during his school band competition which explains the uniform he's got going on.

I'll let you know as soon as I find out the new liquid is available! Thanks for your comment!

Anonymous said...

What a hunk of a son!

Kim Cavender said...

I shall tell him you said so, Kylee! Thank you for the nice compliment.

Anonymous said...

I emailed Vernon right after Harry posted her beads on the Forum and he said that right now they only have black, gold and silver in the liquid. Didn't say when the colors would be out.
Trina who can't get the letters right

leslie said...

Daniel is such a doll and looks sharp in his band uniform.Lord, He has grown since I saw him last. Tell him Happy(late) Birthday for me.~Leslie

Anonymous said...

As a former band mom, I knew instantly what the shirt was! Reminds me of the cold/hot days and nights, endless "gourmet" meals of potluck or pizza, and hemming, washing, and polishing those uniforms.

I miss it. I do, really. Okay, maybe I just miss the kids.

Of course now I have the pleasure of washing baseball dirt out of pants you cannot bleach.

Such a handsome young man. And he does look like GH!


Janice said...

Kim, your son is gorgeous!

And is that a pod on a skateboard? Donna's pods are so talented!

Anonymous said...

Kim and all...Heard from Tony that the first shipments of Kato Color liquid clay should be out to Prairie Craft Online and Munro Crafts this week and or the next. So hopefully they will be online within a couple weeks. Try them..they are great !!
- Sharon " harry " Solly