Monday, May 19, 2008

The Birds and the Trees

For me, there's nothing more rejuvenating than immersing myself in the things I love most about nature - trees, birds, rocks, and the peaceful, calming effect it has on me. I spent last week surrounded by my favorite things and I'm feeling anxious and inspired to develop some new work.

The piece shown here is a collaboration between myself and my talented friend Leslie Blackford. I made the piece of "faux tree" and handed it off to Leslie who sculpted the amazing little bird prince.
It's time to unpack and hit the clay table. New things coming soon!


Kathi said...

I really like that Kim. What a wonderful way to celebrate spring and nature.

beadworx said...

oh wow, what a great job - i definitely love Leslie's work (as I do yours of course) and I'm really unhappy with the fact that I can't come to Nottingham to have a class with you both....say hi to her