Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Katherine the Great

Katherine Dewey is one of the most talented sculptors around. I've heard other artists refer to her books as sculpting "Bibles". Her artwork is absolutely breathtaking and even more so in person. I'd consider giving up a limb to see and touch this piece, which is the first in her "Fossil" series.

Several years ago, Kato Polyclay sponsored a competition and asked various artists to make shoes out of clay. Katherine's entry was an incredible alligator shoe and secretly, my hands-down favorite. If you'd like to see all that's involved in making a shoe like this, she recently began to document the process here on her website.

This mask was constructed over a felt form, which became a part of the completed work. It's crazy beautiful and the hair is so aesthetically perfect with the face.

In addition to her awe-inspiring talent, Katherine is one of the kindest, most unassuming and humble people I know. Her website is packed with information for anyone who aspires to create beautiful sculptural pieces. As for me, I know my limitations. I'll just continue to worship at the Kathy Dewey shrine.


Linda said...

I absolutely agree with you, Kim...Katherine Dewey is amazing. I have loved looking at her sculpts for years and would never be able to pick a favorite "Katherine Dewey" work of art.

Ginger said...

Her book was the first PC book I ever bought and I still love looking at it.

I love the examples you posted I am in awe of the Fossil one WOW.

Kim Cavender said...

Her work is incredibly moving. I'm not sure how she does it but she manages to bring such a spiritual quality to everything she does. Personally, I think she's magical!

Christine said...

I can't get over those shoes! She is quite talented ~I'll have to mosey on over to her site and she what other amazing creations she has:)