Monday, March 23, 2009

Claying For a Cause

Not only is Kaaren Poole a talented artist, she has a mission to help animals in need. Our new recording secretary for the IPCA donates 100% of the proceeds from her beautiful artwork like this piece titled "Bugged" to animal charities.

Having seen it in person, I can tell you that Kaaren's work is even more breathtaking in person. She has an uncanny ability for realistic sculpture.

I have a passion for helping to feed homeless animals and I've added a wonderful link to my blog so all of you can help too. Simply click on the purple paws in the top right of the screen and it will take you to The Animal Rescue Site where you hit "click to donate". It costs you absolutely nothing but 3 seconds of your time. Please, please do this each time you visit my blog! You can also sign up for a daily reminder from this wonderful organization. One click a day from all of the members of the polymer clay community can help to feed a lot of homeless animals. It's a wonderful feeling to be a voice for those who don't have one.


Susan Turney said...

Hi Kim,
I'm always so happy when you post. I signed up and will get the daily reminder...what a great cause. I just mentioned you in Flickr....I'm making a quilt and have decided Lime Green makes everything so much better...kind of like lemon juice!

Kim Cavender said...

Susan, you're such a sweetheart! Thank you so much! I adore the lime green/lemon juice comparison. You're quilt is going to be awesome like all of your other artwork.

JuLee Wolfe said...

I'll be sure to visit and click on the paw every day. If my husband would let me, I'd adopt every stray cat that showed up on my door. This way I can help feed them and he can't say that they are over-running the house.

WonderfulWire said...

Thank you Kim! I 'clicked' also and will continue to do so... our own sweet 'Jake' was a rescue case (as are all our past animals) and I hope to enter his 'story' on the site :)

LOVE the newest art posting!! Her work is totally cool!!

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