Friday, October 3, 2008

Plum Perfect

Iowa's Keila Hernandez created her "Plum Blossom" necklace after being inspired by a Chinese painter she saw at Baltimore's ACC show. You can read more about the story here. The initial pieces she made have merged into this lovely creation. Kelia's work continues to evolve and I 'm looking forward to seeing more beautiful things from her.
I'd like to end what's been a pretty rotten week on a happy note. After months of dedication, hard work and an extraordinary amount of courage, our good friend Ponsawan Sila finally has her daughter Ada home again! Because Ada has lots of rehabilitation ahead of her and many special needs that must be met, Ponsawan and her family have had to remodel part of their home in order to care for her. This expense, added to the massive medical bills they've incurred, has become an additional burden on a family that's been through more than I can even wrap my brain around.
Give some thought to skipping the next 99 cent clay sale at Michael's and making a donation to help them start to heal. You can go to the blog that Ponsawan started for Ada and click on the link in the top left corner to donate through Paypal.
Hope all of you have a wonderful fall weekend!


Silastones said...

Thanks for the post, Kim and thanks for thinking about us. With Ada at home I have some free time that I can clay and create something fun.
Kaila is one of my clay friend. Her flower canes are beautiful. I use her cane a lot and she has them on sale too.

Susan Turney said...

Hi Kim,
I'm so happy you posted about Ada. When I sent a donation, I asked Ponsawan if I could post Ada's pic on my flickr with a short story and lead them to her blog. I thought it might get more attention. Ponsawan said yes but now I don't know how to do it!
It's one of the most heart-breaking stories I've ever heard and I think the PC community would love to jump in but I just don't know the ins and outs of the computer. I wish we could figure out a way to donate pieces to some sort of auction and the proceeds could go to her but I'm at a loss as to where to start!

Kim Cavender said...

Hi Ponsawan,
I'm happy to know you're able to spend a little time working with clay. It must feel great to finally be back at home. Keila's work is really special!

Kim Cavender said...

Hi Susan,
I sent you an email at the charter address I had for you. If it's wrong, let me know.

I've never done any type of online auction either. Even ebay is foreign to me but I would be happy to donate a piece of work for an auction to benefit Ada. What we need is a trustworthy, experienced person to post the auction items and get the money to Ponsawan. If I can come up with any ideas, I'll be happy to let you know.

Meanwhile, I really hope that people will be willing to make a donation to help this family. I'm betting NONE of us need more clay!

beadworx said...

I donated yesterday via Paypal and I hope the transaction worked properly and Ponsawan got it....


Kim Cavender said...

The kind and talented Bettina! I'm almost finished with your thank you gift, my friend!

K. Hernandez said...

Thank you so much Kim!


jana said...

Keila's work is beautiful, and this new style is no exception! It's stunning...congrats Keila!

Béa said...

Superbe ! Je suis fan. Bravo !