Thursday, October 16, 2008


Pittsburgh's Lesley Polinko is one of the most talented people I know. Besides being an incredible sculptor, she's an incredibly nice person with a fantastic sense of humor. You may have seen her "No Fear Sculpting" articles recently in Polymer Cafe .

She has two pieces available right now on Ebay, including this gorgeous ghost fairy just in time for Halloween. Be sure to check out the hot merman, too!

I'm getting ready to head to Mammoth Cave for a retreat and workshop with the Kentucky Tennessee Polymer Clay Guild. Hope you have the perfect fall weekend!


barbara said...

this fairy it's gorgeous.. I am astonished,I would want to learn,I have bought prosculpt the last week, but I have many difficulties,in Italy not there are books in order to learn unfortunately,you can explain like making the fairies to me with the prosculpt?

sorry for my english i'm italian girl..
bye bye.. thank you thanks in order to have read these words

Kim Cavender said...

Barbara, I agree with you. Lesley's work is beautiful. I've never used Prosculpt before so I know very little about it. I'm a horrible sculptor myself but if you do a search for "art dolls", you may be able to find some information that will help you get started. Good luck!