Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Rockin' Art Doll!

I feel like I've been swimming in a sea of sludge for the last week or so and I can't seem to kick this Vegas crud that I brought home with me but when I saw this fantastic doll from Gera Scott Chandler of British Columbia, Canada, I perked up more than a bit. I first saw Gera's wonderful work in an old issue of PC Polyzine (unfortunately, I wasn't able to access it in their archives) and I've been a fan ever since. Living where she does, it's not surprising that she takes inspiration from the shores of Vancouver Island. How wonderfully lucky she is to be able to go for a walk and enjoy all of the amazing beach pebbles that wash up along the shore. That's truly my idea of a good time! I'm thinking I'd love a skirt like this of my own. I'm aware it wouldn't be too comfortable sitting down but I'd be willing to stand for a skirt made of rocks.

Here's a close-up of more fantastic beach pebbles from Gera. Enjoy her blog and be sure and check out more wonderful work from this talented lady here.

And, since we're sort of on the subject of Canada, I just wanted to say that I adore the Canadian clayers! Several of them attended the Clay Carnival in Las Vegas this month and they were so much fun. A special hello to my friends Barb Alexander, Deborah Groom, Mona McRae, Sam Mitchell, and Vickie Turner. There's a lot of talent north of the border, eh?


Tammy said... would look stunning in a rock skirt. I'll see what I can do about that!!

Barb Alexander said...

Hey Kim. It's great to see you've featured my friend (and fellow guild member) Gera Scott Chandler on your blog! Her spirited dolls are so beautiful. I was lucky to be in on her first official "class" where she taught her technique and I'm really happy with my "gal".

Thanks also for your special hello to us Canadians who attended Clay was the BEST time!

I took my class samples of the technique you taught at Carnival to my guild meeting last week and EVERYONE loved them. I went out and bought two fabulous new stamp palettes with your project in mind...

Thanks for making Carnival so much fun!

Barb Alexander

Gera Scott Chandler said...

Hey Kim- thanks for featuring my Lady of the Rocky Shore- your kind comments made my day!


luny said...

Hi Kim ... so glad you decided to blog... you are totally delightful! I checked the PC Polyzine for Gera Scott Chandler and found her doll in the archives ... it might be the one you were looking for..

hugs, michele "lunytuner"

Kim Cavender said...

Thanks, Michelle, for the link. That's it exactly! When I tried to find it a couple of days ago, the last three months of 2001 were unavailable on the Polyzine site.

Kim Cavender said...

I'll be expecting something fabulous from you, Tam!

Kim Cavender said...

It was so wonderful to meet you Barb and I'm glad you enjoyed yourself in Vegas. I hope I didn't leave any of your group off the list here. You guys were so much fun!

Kim Cavender said...

Your work is so special! It was a pleasure to post it here for the readers to enjoy. Happy holidays!