Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Nightmare Before Christmas

I'm not talking about shopping, decorating, baking, or schnauzers who eat the wrapping paper off all of your packages, although, those things can definitely be a nightmare. I'm referring to Tim Burton's wonderful 1993 film. It's hard to believe it's been that long since we first met Jack Skellington. What a character! His image is available on clothes, shoes, personal accessories, toys, home decor, and just about anything you can think of. He seems to get more popular every year. Not surprisingly, Jack is showing up in polymer clay, as well. Elisa, from Spain, is definitely a Tim Burton fan. She has some wonderful photos on Flickr of her polymer clay work. Look for the photos of her leaf and acorn people, too. What sweet faces!

David Kracov, a licensed sculptor for Disney and Warner Brothers has done this fantastic sculpt of Jack in his Santa costume.
And here's a simple little polymer pendant stained with India ink from Virginie of Quebec, Canada. I found this in her Etsy shop.

Besides a fondness for Nightmare, I love all the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp collaborations. My weekend plans include a visit to the local cinema to see Sweeney Todd. What better way to forget about all the Christmas madness than to spend a couple of hours in the dark with the demon barber of Fleet Street? I confess that I've been feeling a bit "grinchey" lately, so, to do my part in spreading holiday cheer, here's a little silliness I took part in after receiving an online greeting from the wonderfully talented Scott Mizevitz, who, btw, makes a much cuter elf than I do. I'm sure you'll be quite impressed by my dancing abilities, though. I had no idea I could move like that!


Marla said...

I'm impressed by your dancing moves, Kim, but not surprised at all. Nice socks!

Melanie said...
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Melanie said...

You know I have that movie...bought it back when it came out...I need to pull it out and watch it again...totally forgot about it...Thanks for sharing such wonderful artists work...David is phenomenal!...I loved the elf moves Kim...I was looking for Jackson and Baxter tho...and maybe hubs getting in on the action!!..
*sorry about the delete I tried to post a link to my gang elfing and it didn't work... :(
"Happy Holidays" :)

Scott said...

Hi Kim, For those on your naughty list...They have a "scrooge" version too.

Have a safe and Happy Holiday!