Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dreamy Dolls and Sweet Easter Wishes

I've become enamored with the work of Christine Alvarado. Her wonderful dolls have the most beautiful faces and incredible detail. "Paloma and Rabbit Mask" seemed like a perfect fit for this time of year.

Her series of "lady bird" ornaments are so clever and original. I adore their little crowns and pearl necklaces.

Each of her creations have such a distinct personality. "Seneca and Julep" is part of a whole series that includes delightful little dogs.

In addition to her blog, you can see much more of Christine's beautiful work on her Flickr site. Be prepared to stay awhile. It's impossible not to be drawn in to the magic she creates.

Wishing you a sweet and wonderful Easter!


Christine said...

Wow, thank you Kim for your kind words and for featuring some of my work here!
Have a fantastic Easter this weekend :)

Lisa Pakosh said...

Absolutely amazing! What wonderful work......the details are spectacular!

Kim Cavender said...

Christine, you are so very talented. I'm happy you liked the post.

Lisa - Hope you having a great Easter weekend!

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