Thursday, September 4, 2008

Who says you can't do it all?

Elvira Lopez Del Prado of Spain is out to prove them wrong! This multi-talented lady not only works with polymer clay , she also makes magic with felt, fabric, wire, wood, paper, and metal clay. I'm totally taken with her felt designs and the wonderfully appealing colors she uses.

This piece combines her passion for metal clay and polymer. She has a wonderfully organic sense of design, doesn't she? If you'd like to see more of her lovely work, you can also follow this link.

Until I sat down to write about Elvira, I didn't realize how long it had been since I'd posted an entry on this blog. I've been fixated on some new work I've been doing and when I get in the zone, it's hard to break free and even think about writing or trolling around the Internet. Now, back to the clay table!


Anonymous said...

.. yep, Kim ... I have noticed the delay in your posts, ONLY because I love reading them so much and I come here very often. When there's nothin new I kinda feel disappointed and a little down... (no pressure or anything, eh?)

Seriously Kim ... I totally understand the time it takes to write a blog while you are juggling family and creative endeavors. (How's your son doing?)

Kim Cavender said...

According to those who know me best, I'm not the greatest at time management! Adam is doing fine, thanks for asking.

Jeanne Dumond said...

Hey Kim! Love the new work! You will be in your element in a couple of weeks when the leaves change colors! Are you sculpting those faces individually? They are very wonderful! Jeanne Dumond